Packing for a Month Away


What do you pack when you’re leaving for over a month? Well, not only are we homeless and carless for one month and ten days, we’re staying in eight locations over that time frame. That is a lot of places. We’ve just arrived to location number 4 and I’m very thankful that the first afternoon of nap-fighting has the reward of some seriously quiet awesome nap time on day two. Fun. Fun. Fun. Sorry about the new digs, kids… again… You’re troopers.

For the record, I’ve only forgotten two items so far and that was because I unpacked into a side table drawer. I like organization to a fault, which means I enjoy unpacking into a new space upon arrival… But I also am more likely to forget something. (Thankfully those two items got back to me very easily–thanks to family.)


So, we have one big luggage, one small luggage, two back-packs and a messenger bag. These transponders have saved our lives. (We brought car seats so we can rent cars when needed and get around in each location.) (Maybe in 5 years our luggage could look like the above photo? That’d be fun. Also, our next luggage will definitely be the hard shell kind.)

So, here’s what we brought!

In our big luggage:

  • Clothing (I tried tried tried to pack about 5-7 outfits for each of us.)
  • Bathing suits
  • Belts, ties, socks, etc.

In our small luggage:

  • Sneakers
  • Sandals
  • Dress Shoes
  • Toiletries
  • Two Sound machines
  • Two extra pacifiers (can’t. run. out.)
  • Medicine–Baby Tylenol and Loratadine
  • Journal
  • Clutch for date nights (I switched out my purse for the backpack on this trip.)

In Brian’s Backpack (which is our diaper bag):

  • Diapers for the day (we’ve purchased diapers in the small pack in each location)
  • Extra set of clothes
  • A laptop
  • Two sippy cups
  • Two bibs
  • Two snack cups

In my Backpack:

  • DSLR camera and 4 lenses
  • A laptop
  • Wallet and similar “purse” items like ibuprofen, lipstick and gum

In our messenger bag:

  • Airport Time Capsule (This device has all my photos which are not backed up in another location. I simply couldn’t put it on a ship and send it away for 6 weeks. It makes me too nervous.)
  • Books
  • Baby doll and dog (R’s and G’s “comfort friends”)
  • Snacks for travel
  • Two safety harnesses for the kids. This one and this one. With five flights in one month and future travel this year, we decided it was worth it.
  • And funny enough… some paperwork with personal information because we didn’t have a safe way to shred and dispose of it. hah. Bonfire anyone?

Oh, I guess I cheated. We brought George’s backpack, too. It has books, coloring books (mess free!), and only a few small toys–like cars. George is responsible for carrying it.

We’ve now flown twice with our kids and the apple ear buds are insufficient for toddler ears. I purchased these and hopefully they’ll hold up. (Because I don’t want any more frustration outbursts when the huge ear bud falls out of the tiny ear… again.)

We’re doing great! Travel is exhausting, but the amazing treat is getting to spend quality time with family. We’re being careful not to accumulate much of anything in each location because we simply can’t fit it all in. I have prayed with much fervor each time I have painstakingly packed our two checked luggages and then again when it is being weighed. I have been within 1.5 lbs of the 50 lb limit each time. Let’s pray that continues.

Stay tuned for more stories on house hunting! So many adventures in an international move!

3 Replies to “Packing for a Month Away”

  1. I saw several banged up hard shell luggages on our trip. I believe the fad will be short lived. Either that, or it’s another sign of getting old and preferring how things were in the good old days.


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