A First Look

My parents have moved a lot in their marriage and my Mama says (wisely), “It takes a full year to settle into a new home.” By this she means knowing where you like to buy everything for your home and making friends–not just the physical putting art up or unpacking boxes… Did you hear that? A year. (And she added another caveat: That’s in English. Hah!) Maybe you’ve moved before and know exactly what she’s talking about. So, our excursion to Boston? We basically never really settled in. Hah. (In all fairness, I think it took us about 6 months, but that was really thanks to joining the community of Harvard grad school. We had ready-to-go friends.) So, we’re three weeks in! And we feel pretty far from settled. BUT, we’re doing much better than that first exhausting week.

Because our kiddos started school this week, our main goal this past weekend was to have our main floor (in Germany “EG”) and bedrooms livable. No suit cases. Everything (hopefully) having a place. This goal wasn’t simple because Germans don’t do closets. We installed hanging shelves with rods in both our room and the kiddo’s room. Brian made dressers with wooden boxes and wooden frames for our clothing that needs a drawer. The kids have room darkening curtains in their room which has given us wonderful mornings where the kids woke up after 7:30… Divine.

We worked very hard to get all of our furniture and belongings whittled down to 900 sqft when we moved to Harvard for grad school… only to move into a 1600 sqft home… So, we succeeded this week in making livable spaces, but our furniture is definitely bare. But you know what? I’m ok with that. My goal is still to be simple in our home because it’s less work. And truly, the amount of toys we own can be picked up in 5 minutes. That, my friends, is the bomb.

So, without further ado, here’s a first look at some of our spaces. In short, we love our home!

Dining Room

Dining Room

Living Room

Living Room

Kitchen with a new light fixture!

Kitchen 1

Our master bedroom

Master Bedroom

Our bedroom wall closet

Closet Wall

The kids’ playroom (after cleaning)


Our patio!


Get excited for your visit! Maybe by the time you come we’ll have a guest bedroom set up, too! 🙂


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