Park Heaven


Hamburg. The park place. I mean, the place for parks. Oh, it’s been lovely. You see, Germany shuts down on Sundays. Some restaurants are open… but not all of them. And excepting this past weekend when we were fighting colds, we have spent every Sunday going to church and a park. The kids love it. The parks here are just divine. They often appeal to many different ages at once, the children are always freely roaming, and there’s always water. The kids get good and dirty, and then they go home. There’s no hovering, there’s often parent engagement and climbing… and we’ve loved it.

So, here are a few photos!

Those “pegs” are almost as complicated as wall rock climbing… They are all tilted and on a steep hill–a great challenge!

Park 1

I love all of the “natural” elements in the parks, here. It’s refreshing. It’s certainly not all plastic. So awesome.

Park 4

This baby is not mine… but that little girl sat there calmly for over an hour. It occurred to me that that kind of parenting is something I can get behind. She’s in “rain pants” that are sealed with rain boots. She happily splashed around in a half inch of water and sand. It was so fun to watch.

Park 3


Park 5

Park 7

My children have the wonderful Germans to thank for all of these great experiences that stretch their dirt-averse, type A, OCD-inclined Mama. I promise I love them and am happy to be stretched because they are unbelievably happy when they are set free at playgrounds.

Cheer to dirt! Tschüss!

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