Green Germany

It might seem silly, but sharing with you the green side (you know–the living plant side) of Germany has been on my mind. One of the heart breaks of an international move is saying goodbye to all of your plants… because they don’t make it 6-8 weeks in a shipping container across the ocean. And carrying two toddlers, 3 suitcases and 2 backpacks for one month doesn’t leave a lot of hands left for carrying along even a little succulent.

Something I’ve noticed about Germans and plants: almost everyone has orchids displayed in their windows:


Additionally, balconies are littered with hanging plants and planters:


The row house next to ours is a display of beautiful gardens:

Backyard Gardens

And Germans are serious about their hedges. All of them tall, thick and effective. It’s pretty amazing.


A popular tree that is new to me and that I’ve seen many times here is the Monkey Puzzle Tree. They are kind of charming!

Monkey Puzzle Tree

Oh, and the hydrangea game in Germany is serious. And I mean serious. They are everywhere and all of them stunning and fully blooming.


I think I’ve definitely found myself a home in my love for plants. I haven’t purchased anything green for my house, yet, but I’m getting giddy at the idea of it. I’d love to get a string of beads or donkey tail succulent plant above my fridge, hanging down the side of my cabinets… Hey. I can dream, right? So, some succulents, an obligatory orchid and maybe a taller plant for a corner of our living room? Oh the possibilities!




All the rain certainly pays off! 🙂


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