Home Tour

Hello, Friends!

Believe me, I would *love* to have all of you visit, but let’s face it… I live far away from a lot of you. So, I promised this in the first month we lived here, and here it is! Our home tour.etc.

Just in case you’re wondering, preparing your entire home for a video tour is… nearly impossible. So please, ignore the closed closet doors, empty walls, the drying dishes, etc. etc. etc. I did baby-wipe preparation of the bathrooms and filmed the second floor on a completely different day… because one contiguous video of our home was simply not happening. Too many meals to serve and oh. We have two kids under 5.

BUT! Without further ado excuses, I give you our home! It’s important that we love it because the winter and germs have hit us hard and we’ve spent a lot of quality time here. And it. is. beautiful. I’m so grateful for this more-than-the-bare-minimum shelter of ours and the space it creates for us.

10 points if you make it through all five minutes… You’re a true rockstar!