Hi, Friends!

So, the last time I checked in here we had traveled to Italy as a family! And now, I’m coming back with the details of fun from my trip to Malta! (Reminder: Once you get to Europe, it’s relatively cheap to travel within Europe. Yes, Malta was a bit of a pricier destination… but it’s hard to beat 40 € tickets to Italy. But, I digress.)

I had the complete pleasure of joining my sister, Melanie, her husband Edmundo, and their son on their European adventure. We shared an Airbnb, hosted by a wonderful friend, and the whole trip felt like a literal soaking of beauty. Saturation was the perfect word. By the 3rd morning, I left the house WITHOUT my camera… because I just couldn’t handle that every angle was so photogenic. (For me, this is saying something!)

So, I embarked on my husband’s birthday! Yes. You read that right. My awesome husband sent me away on his birthday to spend time with my family on an island… while he held down the fort with the kiddos. God love him.

Highlights from the trip were flying without kids (all the reading!), the beautiful view from the apartment we stayed in, the gorgeous Maltese balconies throughout the island, a trip to Gozo (another island) to enjoy more and more beauty, seeing the oldest human-made structure in the world, the beautiful vegetation (so many huge succulents!), and last (but definitely not least!) amazing hosts who showed us all around their beautiful island home.

On the last morning, I attended church, assuming that the service would be in English… but it wasn’t! I enjoyed the rhythm of (again) a familiar, but non-English Mass, and I’ll tell you what. When the cantor got up and sang the Psalm in Maltese, it was so very beautiful. I was moved to tears… and I didn’t even know what he was saying! And yes, the icing on the cake was watching the priest process out of Mass, and having the older gentleman processing out about two paces behind him, wearing his blue tinted sunglasses to boot.

Please enjoy the photos!

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