The Start of Year 2

It’s September. Amazing. Last time I checked in here, it was mid-July and I was so very vacationing.

Hamburg 2

We’re two weeks into the new school year, a month back from vacation, and thankfully 3.5 weeks from now, we’ll be welcoming a family visit from the states. It’s hard to believe we’re beginning our second year here. I keep having to correct myself when I say, “When we were in Boston last year two years ago.” (See that ship ↑? That’s not our stuff. We didn’t do an international move this year. High Five!)

We’re doing well. The work is keeping us unbelievably busy and one of the biggest changes this year is that I’m working a 4 day week. Every weekend is 3 days, and the first day is always alone without my kiddos. My first month was a streak of To-Do Listing and I look forward to a better mix of To-Dos, Learning, and Self Care. Let’s be honest–my lists will never be short. But, after a month of Fridays, I can honestly say that the things that were on the list for the past 6 months are officially done. Happy me!

I shared photos from our vacation to Denmark here. It was so lovely. Brian had the amazing idea to buy wetsuits. Yep. You read that right. Wetsuits. For all four of us. Remember, the Baltic Sea…? It’s not Cancun. And those wetsuits? They were amazing. 10 minutes of torture in cold water were 45 minutes of comfortable splashing for us. Crazy Winning.


Also, the kids were *ridiculously cute* in them… And actually, so were the adults. Hah.

Wetsuit - R

The last vacation we took was to Italy, and we flew there. This Denmark vacation was a 2.5 hour drive away, and I relished in being able to bring along all of our groceries, toys, and books without it being a huge luggage issue. So nice. It was a lovely 4 days of slow mornings, family movie nights, Haribo gummy bears at all hours, happy cocktails, and lots of photography. (Read: we didn’t have to grocery shop by foot on vacation. More high fives!)

We’re buckling in. This year will be completely different than last year for a litany of reasons, but I am so glad that we’re settled, adjusted, and honestly? I love our home. Just this week, Brian and I were discussing that we never start a thought with, “I wish our home _____ (had/did/didn’t/etc…).” It serves us well. And now that we’re staying, your chances to come to Europe have increased! Come visit. We’d love to see you!

Bis Bald! (See you soon!)

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