A few years ago, I read on Design Mom that parents need to remember that we only get 18 summers with each child… if we’re lucky to get that many before they’re off and spending full summers away. I think George was 1 at the time, so it came with all its own feelings… but it stuck with me. Summer, like Christmas and other holidays, has this dreamy spot in my mind from my childhood years. Ice cream from the ice cream truck, roller blades, staying out until my parents whistled for me (YUP), American flag cakes, ocean waves, summer camp and lightning bugs.


I guess the reality is that lots of little efforts go into making that magic. You have to buy the supplies, spend the time, adjust when things don’t work, and be creative. This summer we had less-than-perfect 60 degree weather with rain, I was feeling not-so-great with my pregnancy (yay 3rd baby!), and Brian spent 13 days in China, which meant our kids had half of the usual “energy/power” behind activities and fun… if you could call my half at full energy–which would be a flat-out lie.

However, I still find myself in awe of our summer vacation reality here: the kids’ school (a daycare of sorts: a German Kita) requires a 3-week consecutive break for each child. This means that I get to take 3 full weeks off with my kids each summer… and thankfully, German holiday time affords our family this luxury.

As I look back on our kids’ summers so far, we are beyond spoiled… Lots of beautiful trips and happy times spent with family:

2014: George’s first summer. We went with Brian’s family to a lovely resort in Mexico.

2015: Camping with friends. Major highlight: getting a sister! (No photos… LOL.)
2016: Big summer family visit tour before moving to Boston. (Pictured below: Long Island, NY)

2017: Big summer family visit tour before moving to Germany. (Pictured below: Miami)

2018: Family vacation in Denmark

20182019: Family vacation in Denmark & Malta


While I think that these major highlights of travel are fun and we’re beyond lucky and blessed to be able to take them, I also think that it’s important to keep highlighting the magic I mentioned above. Like it or not, a cold popsicle, running through a sprinkler, picking fresh basil from the garden, bubbles the size of your head, and a brand new puzzle can stick out in your kids’ minds just as much as (if not more than!) the above travel adventures.

Cheers to another summer of magic and good gracious to my children being another year older, and the school year beginning again. Wishing you the best start to your new academic year! … If you observe those 🙂

…And bring on those crunchy leaves!